Why do it?!

People often ask me, 'why do you do it?'
What they mean by that?
‘Why juggle your life with 4 young children, a busy household to run, and start-up and build a full-time business?'

I've heard people say that 'women are often at their most creative whilst pregnant' ...maybe this was it?
Or maybe it was Winnie's influence?! She's the baby I was expecting at the time.

Or perhaps it was that I finally felt complete and able to move forward in a new direction.

Either way my mind was suddenly brimming with ideas and excitement, not only for the birth of the baby, but also for the creation of my business and for taking my life in a new direction.

Now, time spent working feels like my treat, my time for me.  I look forward to it after all the homework has been done, tea - cooked and cleared up, stories read and teeth brushed… I just can’t wait to get back to it.

The truth is, working for myself and growing my business doesn’t feel like work.  To me, it feels exciting and fulfilling - I just love it!

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With love x

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