One Year!

The decision to turn my passion for art into a business came a bit out of the blue! 

I first picked up a paintbrush just over a year ago.  I wanted a pheasant picture for my own home, but I couldn’t find one that was quite right (and in my price bracket!) so I decided to just have a go myself.

After the first picture didn’t turn out too badly, I thought I’d carry on and try my hand at a few more birds and animals. I soon discovered which I preferred to paint and began to develop my own style.

The thing that soon became apparent to me (and my long-suffering husband!) was that each bird or animal I painted came with a personality and therefore needed a name! Soon we had a whole collection of ‘characters’ each with its own quirky persona.

The past year has been one of discovery; fun; a serious amount of hard work and passion. For me, it’s been fabulous being able to follow a path, not quite knowing where it’s going to take me, but just going with it anyway! I can’t believe here we are, on the brink of opening our first shop, just over a year after first taking the plunge and committing paint to paper.

My new resolution: Just go for it, and give things a try – you never know where they might take you.

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