Find Comfort in Creating

Creativity: The use of imagination or original ideas to create something...

Everybody is Creative!

I know it's hard to imagine, but truly anyone can be creative - there are a myriad to ways. From producing art by drawing, colouring & painting, sewing, crafting, music, writing, photography, cookery, gardening, upholstering, decorating or accessorising our homes. These are just a few examples of ways we can express ourselves and produce something truly unique. It satisfies the soul and can surprise you in many ways... THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

“You’re a lot more creative than you think,” says fine artist John Paul Caponigro. “The human being is a creative species. We’re born creative. But we’re not all alike in our creativity. We use it in different ways and in different degrees."

During these testing times, most of us are finding ourselves in unchartered territory... but there are many ways to appreciate the 'silver linings' and positivity that is all around us. One of these is being creative.

Painting Beatrice Bumble | Christie Lloyd

The Benefits of Creativity

Freedom: We mustn't forget that here is no right or wrong way to be creative! When we create, it gives us the opportunity to engage with the world. To perhaps return to the feeling of freedom we may have experienced during childhood, where we did not have to know - or be an expert. It gives us permission to take risks, try new things, and strip away inhibitions in a healthy way. We have so many ways we can share this creativity in this technological age - or we can keep this private.

Self-Awareness and Expression: Creativity is the route to authenticity. As we create we begin to access our innermost thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When we take the time and energy to develop our own ideas, we learn to understand, trust and respect our inner selves, in turn enabling us to better express ourselves. You may be even be surprised at the resources, thoughts and impulses that you discover there!

Belief & confidence in our instincts: When we create, we may start to value our work - even if it is not published, displayed or presented to the public. We can learn to trust our instincts and gain confidence from expressing them. This confidence very often carries over into decisions we make in other areas of life.

Stress Relief: Being creative is a form of meditation and mindfulness. Taking the time to use our hands, minds, and energy doing something we enjoy and that makes us happy is of highest importance in life. Creativity is fun, and doing anything that brings joy reduces our stress levels and improves our quality of life.

Problem solving: There isn't a manual to being an artist, and there isn't a manual for being alive. Obstacles and challenges throughout our lives are inevitable. However, when we make creativity a habit, we continue to learn new, resourceful ways of solving problems in our artwork, and in life. 

Give yourself permission to be creative!

Being CREATIVE gives us OPPORTUNITIES to try out new IDEAS, and new ways of THINKING and PROBLEM-SOLVING... Helps us ACKNOWLEDGE and CELEBRATE our own UNIQUENESS and DIVERSITY... And encourages SELF-EXPRESSION, a way to CREATE something from personal FEELINGS and EXPERIENCES. 

Dare to fail. Creativity has no rules.

However you choose to nurture it, embark on a creative quest, be free, and allow yourself to be silly, without judgment. Decide to reap some of the positive benefits of creativity. 

Start today - you’ll be healthier, happier and more enriched.

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