How to Be More Creative

We've previously explored all the benefits of being creative - but how do you boost your creativity?

How to be more creative? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming... You would love to start, but it all feels too beyond us to get imaginative. We're scared of failing and not creating something we'll be proud of. But the answer is to simply TRY - There are no rules! Start small - perhaps with something you feel more confident with and build from there. It's an organic process, a learning curve - and you never quite know where it'll lead.

As with any of the personal strengths, you can boost creativity simply by paying more attention to it and intending to incorporate more of it into your life. 

Painting Pupucchino | Christie Lloyd

Some ideas on how to be more creative might be:

Tap into your inner-child. Look for ways to be more creative... get involved with the kids if you can.

Try changing a habitual pattern. Take a different walk, for example, and notice what you see.

Spend time outside. Currently this is limited of course - but maybe you have a garden or balcony? Being in natural settings taps into all five senses, energises the body, and, most importantly, stimulates the imagination.

Renew an old hobby. Dig out your old guitar or camera, or your scrapbook supplies.

Update your Home. Try some of those home projects you've toyed with such as painting & decorating, wallpapering, upholstery & sewing projects - sewing something like a simple cushion to update the bed or sofa, or recovering a tired dining chair.

Wilfred Wellies Wallpaper | Christie Lloyd

Keep a diary - it will be especially interesting to look back on in the future. Record your dreams. Try your hand at writing stories or poems.

Buy some art supplies. Much is available online still - and play, try them out.

Artists Paints | Christie Lloyd

Expose yourself to more arts & culture. There are SO many online resources opening up - virtual visits to museums, theatres & concerts.

Write freely. Take 10 minutes to jot down anything and everything that comes to mind without judgment, a technique called ‘free-writing’ or ‘free association’. Then go back over the notes and see which ideas are worth keeping.

Read biographies of creative and successful people. Musicians, dancers, artists, scientists & business leaders for instance.

Listen to music. Listening to music stimulates the part of our brain that controls motor actions, emotions, and creativity.

Dig out those cooking & baking books. Trying your hand at new recipes - and baking - can be such a satisfying and delicious way to be creative. With baking, you can see how to beautifully decorate your bakes - and go ahead & photograph it before you tuck in!

Home-made Churros | Christie Lloyd

Create a personal treasure chest. Collect a bunch of inspiring items (photos, quotations, etc.)

Take random photos. Even your phone camera works - give it a try! 

Photography Collage | Christie Lloyd

Don’t expect perfection! Putting pressure on ourselves to produce something outstanding can actually make it harder to create anything at all. A lot of people sort of secretly feel, ‘I’m not creative,’ but everyone is creative to a certain degree.

Being CREATIVE gives us OPPORTUNITIES to try out new IDEAS, and new ways of THINKING and PROBLEM-SOLVING... Helps us ACKNOWLEDGE and CELEBRATE our own UNIQUENESS and DIVERSITY... And encourages SELF-EXPRESSION, a way to CREATE something from personal FEELINGS and EXPERIENCES. 

Give yourself permission to be creative!

Dare to fail. Creativity has no rules.

However you choose to nurture it, embark on a creative quest, be free, and allow yourself to be silly, without judgment. Decide to reap some of the positive benefits of creativity. 

Start today - you’ll be healthier, happier and more enriched.

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