How to Use Wallpaper in Your Home

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Here at Christie Lloyd, we are huge fans of a beautifully wallpapered wall! You can see several examples of our luxury British-made designs right here at Manor Barns - including Wilfred Mouse in the loo! Wallpaper can be tricky to get right - but with some careful thought and planning - a wonderful enhancement to your interior.

Read on to find a few of our top tips on how to use wallpaper in your home.

Choose your Wall:  Think carefully - fundamentally, the placement of your wallpaper is vital. It may be tempting to create a wildly bold statement - go mad & paper an entire room - but this can be super tricky to get right! However, it can work with careful planning, the right design and enough available light.

We particularly advise the idea of wallpapering nooks, alcoves, chimney breasts or feature walls behind your bed or sofa. Even creating a striking feature wall inside one of your smallest rooms can be fun and creative - like a cloakroom, study, boot or utility room - even add a touch of whimsy!

Wilfred Mouse Wallpaper | Christie Lloyd

Create the Perfect Base:  There’s nothing worse than lumpy & bumpy wallpaper, so it is crucial that you prepare your surfaces thoroughly; make sure your walls are smooth, clean and primed, ready to paper. 

Think about your Whole Room:  Consider your room's colour scheme and palette, and be sure that your choice of wallpaper works within it. If you are unsure, we'd be happy to talk it through and advise. Samples are also available by post, so you can view 'in situ' how well the design fits amongst the rest of your décor & colour scheme.

Wallpaper can even be used extremely effectively in furniture upcycling projects - from decorating wood furniture, to simply creating pretty drawer liners.

Hmmm! That's food for thought... Watch this space for an upcycle project using our wallpapers here at Christie Lloyd HQ!

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Glorious Partridges Wallpaper | Christie Lloyd

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