Manor Barns Upcycling!

Christie & Victoria Upcycling | Christie Lloyd

Yayyy! We've waved our Christie Lloyd magic wand again?

As you may know, as part of our 2020 plans, we were determined to have a go at some of our own upcycling projects right here at Manor Barns.

Christie had spotted this beautiful child's chair at a nearby salvage yard. It was a relatively straight-forward upcycling project to tackle - just a simple swap out of fabric - as the innards were still pretty robust. We chose the ever-handsome 'Samson Stag' Velvet from our samples & off-cuts cupboard; keen to stick to our whole upcycle-philosophy by using what we have to hand.

Ta-Daa! It now fits perfectly in little Winnie's bedroom - matching her Samson Stag blind - and the little lady LOVES it!

We think it looks fabulous - a sweet little child's chair has had some Christie Lloyd love & attention breathed into it. Now to check out what else needs our creative eye! Watch this space :)

Any suggestions...? Or can we help you with any of your own upcycle projects - come & have a chat...

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