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"My artistic muse is the wildlife that surrounds our farm in the stunning countryside bordering Warwickshire & Northamptonshire. Coupled with the love of my family, in starting Christie Lloyd, it was vital to me that we created a strong business ethic - and started as we meant to go on. We sell a range of fabrics, gifts, accessories & homeware based on my original art.

We are not a perfect company, but our intentions are always true. Our goal is to deliver unique, luxurious and high-quality products & services, to enhance and beautify your homes.

We believe in designing & producing all our products right here in the UK, to minimal environmental impact.

We pledged that where at all possible, we use environmentally-friendly packaging. We already use paper, card, raffia ribbon, and cardboard boxes - and our plastic wrap is recyclable. Our sumptuous fabrics are nearly all 100% unbleached and natural.

While we aren't perfect at Christie Lloyd (yet), we will endeavour to seek out new ways to improve our practices. Where we can make changes - however small - we will!

Another of my great passions is for old furniture; I love to using my fabrics to upcycle, restore and beautify often long-forgotten pieces. I am often seen clambering around our barns & local auctions seeking out project pieces. In this throw-away world, it's a marvellous way to be more green. I find it so satisfying - what better way to showcase our Christie Lloyd stunning fabric ranges?

Back to living on a farm we do (of course) celebrate and support our beautiful countryside and the farming community as a whole. This is a core part of Christie Lloyd's values, and where we can strive to make a difference... we will take the opportunity!

This is Christie Lloyd’s mission, our values & our promise."

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