Our First In-house Upcycling Project!

Oh Wow! How excited are we at Christie Lloyd? (Hint: Very!)

As part of our 2020 plans, we were determined to have a go at some of our own upcycling projects right here at Manor Barns. After researching and reading up, we gathered some simple tools & materials and learned some basic skills (thank you YouTube!) to tackle the first project - an old dining chair rescued from the barn. 

First and foremost, it was time to don the rubber gloves to give the chair a jolly good clean up! Then on to remove the original seat fabric and padding, secured by old rusty tacks - this was a little trickier & time-consuming. Once the chair was stripped to bare bones, it was relatively simple to cut some 2" high density foam to size, and staple round some wadding to secure it. In honour of Wilfred's Blog, we chose an off-cut of sample fabric languishing in our spares cupboard to complete the chair. 

We think it looks fabulous - a long forgotten chair has has some love & attention breathed into it. From expert advice, we simply polished up the wood with basic olive oil to complete the project - and we couldn't wait to share it with you.

Now to decide on the next piece for some Christie Lloyd treatment!

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