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Welcome to the all-new Christie Lloyd Reclaimed Chic!

We're so excited to be sharing this too... As you know, Victoria and I have been utilising our Lockdown time wisely - and preparing the fantastic new Manor Barns Studio space. Now we have the additional space we are also launching the new 'Christie Lloyd Reclaimed Chic' brand.

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Christie Lloyd has always has at its heart an Interior Design ethos - all the fabrics, wallpapers, gifts & homeware all dovetail into helping our customers enhance their own homes with touches of luxury country style.
Victoria and I have often shared that we have a common passion for restoring & enhancing long-forgotten older furniture that has seen better days. Utilising existing - often beautifully made pieces - reclaiming original, family heirloom or auction pieces back to their former glory. Bringing these pieces into the home, rejuvenating interiors... introducing 'talking points' into our homes. By combining Christie Lloyd's wonderful fabrics with time-tested craftsmanship, we lovingly enhance old pieces of furniture.
With our new-found extra space, we are delighted to be able to offer these services under the banner 'Christie Lloyd Reclaimed Chic'.
We are passionate about saving furniture from landfill, and have often worked on projects to enhance our skills, update old techniques or sometimes simply just for fun. We have raided the farm's barns for pieces, and rejuvenated several much-loved family pieces of our own, and have been thrilled with the results.
We are now in a position to offer these services to you. Firstly we will listen really carefully to your ideas and requirements. Then working with you, we bring your interiors back to life utilising your existing furniture - or finds from elsewhere - and restoring, repurposing or upcycling. 
Should you have any furniture pieces that would benefit from the 'Christie Lloyd Reclaimed Chic' magic touch, please get in touch. We'd love to hear about your home interiors projects and discuss in detail how we can assist you. We'd love to share our enthusiasm with you. 

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