Thank You to the Christie Lloyd Family

Christie under The Great Oak | Christie Lloyd

It may be the crazy times that we are living in, but as we approach our five year anniversary since the inception of Christie Lloyd, I find myself in a reflective mood. I see #SilverLinings every day and I am honestly grateful for life.

Perhaps it's the feeling of proper Spring in the air at the farm? Seeing nature, blossoms & blooms emerge from the ground and 'spring' back to life is reminding me of beginnings?

Bluebells & Rainbows | Christie Lloyd

It's good to take a little time to see where you are today - compared to where you started - and celebrate the myriad of successes along the way. How far Christie Lloyd has come since I first took my brush to canvas!

“The nicest thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.” – Margaret Carty

I came across this quote the other day, and it made me remember the huge amount of help I have received along the way - what a journey! Starting with family assistance & support, SO many fabulous (& talented) friends, collaborators, colleagues, mentors & inspirers - and of course I can never forget my most amazing and incredibly supportive customers and clients (so many of whom I now think of as friends)...

It's vital to recognise the wisdom, skills & advice I have received during the journey. It really is truly humbling how many have helped Christie Lloyd get to where it is now.

I just wanted to take this chance to say "Thank You" to the wider Christie Lloyd Family, from the bottom of my heart! I totally appreciate everyone that has helped to make this venture fly.

I can't say thank you enough... We are still 'hibernating' the physical shop but we are working hard to achieve the best we can and in a safe environment. We have received a huge amount of support from all our customers, and we want to say thank you so much! You’ve all been so kind and understanding, and we hope that you will continue to support us. Our customers are simply awesome!

We very much consider you ALL part of the Christie Lloyd Family.

The Great Oak at Manor Barns | Christie Lloyd

Hang in there - we will meet again.

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With love x

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