The Great Oak

The Great Oak | Christie Lloyd

"Stay grounded. Connect with your roots.

Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break.

Enjoy your natural beauty.

Keep growing."

- Joanne Rapits - 

We recently spotted this beautiful inspirational quote. Certainly wise words for life...
We can't helping thinking of our very own special tree here on the farm at Christie Lloyd HQ - much loved by the family. It's our view from the shop doorway at Manor Barns!
The Great Oak is centre stage for our little menagerie of animal & bird characters.
Our Chief Editor 'Wilfred Mouse' and his friends spend many a day under its shelter. His best buddy Ernie Pheasant spends his time pecking around the roots.
We would love to see you at Manor Barns (Shop Open 10am - 3pm on Fridays) for a warm welcome - and to see The Great Oak for yourself!


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