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Artist Christie Lloyd sells a range of original art, fabrics, gifts, accessories & homeware. Inspired by the wildlife that surrounds the family farm in the stunning countryside bordering Warwickshire & Northamptonshire.

"There’s never a dull moment living on the farm – but then a normal day in any household with four children and endless pets is rarely 'normal'!

The row of dirty wellies by the back door and muddy paw prints at the front are a constant reminder of the countryside that surrounds us, and of the exploring and den building that is yet to be done!

A few years ago ago, a sneaky field mouse made a home in an empty welly! Pandemonium broke out as the children shrieked and ran around. They climbed over each other trying to catch it and let it outside. In that moment, my imagination was sparked and “Wilfred and the Wellies" was born!

Now, every time I have a cup of tea from one of my mugs or use my favourite tea-towel, I just fall in love with the beauty and simplicity of nature all over again. I hope you enjoy my collections and that they give you the same excitement & joy that they give me."

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