Welcome to Wilfred's Blog!

In line with our New Year theme, we're really excited to update our Blog. We'll be sharing all the thrills & spills here at Christie Lloyd - and heading up the Team is our very own Wilfred Mouse.

Wilfred is a cheeky little field mouse character that found a home in my husband's empty welly one day. He popped out to say hello, and sheer pandemonium broke out as the children shrieked and ran around. They clambered over each other trying to catch him and chase him outside. After a frenzied scurry around the kitchen he speedily headed off in the direction of the Great Oak. Clearly he's a chap eager for adventure.

I couldn't resist immortalising him in a painting much to the children's delight. And he's been one of our best sellers, gracing our fabrics & china ever since.

Wilfred has been lending us a hand with our Blog and we couldn't resist re-naming it in his honour.

Watch this space for more from Wilfred & the Team…

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With love x

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