Fledgling Entrepreneurs!

So here we are - the summer holidays! 

Normally I dread this time of year, the farmers working all hours throughout the summer bringing in the harvest .... whilst I and the other farmers wives try desperately to entertain the unruly and more than marginally feral little people.. (this time last year I had 3 ... now there are 4!)

In the past I spent a fortune on activities and entertainment to keep everyone from killing each other, waiting for friends to return from their summer holidays so that I could organise the demanded play dates and visits, driving all over the county delivering and collecting children.

This year I have decided to make a change. For the first time ever, I started the summer holidays with a totally empty diary.

It was more than a little bit terrifying to start with.. but now, a week in things are looking OK.

The kindles have been confiscated, the IPads have been put away, and we recently cancelled our subscription to Sky!  The children are finally doing what children are meant to do. They are learning how to entertain themselves.

As I write this, the two middle children who usually at each others throats, are in their sleeping bags having a sleepover in the little play house in the garden -  the best of buddies!

I'm absolutely positive that they will be coming back inside by the middle of the night and probably ready to kill each other again by tomorrow, but for now... things are good!

The most fun and exciting development with the little people in my life, is that they have decided to work together to develop their own little start-up business: 'Mini Creations'. Maria, Fifi and Percy are hand-making keyrings, necklaces, bracelets and knitted animals to sell in the shop!

I am so proud of my fledgling entrepreneurs!! I just hope it continues....

Have a lovely summer and pop into the shop any Friday, we'd all love to see you!!xxx

The shop adddress : Manor Barns, Yelvertoft Road, Lilbourne, Rugby, CV23 0SZ 


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