Blinds Top Tips!

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Beautifully made blinds are an investment and will last a lifetime! Our in-house makers are some of the best in the country!

Our fabrics are sold by the metre and can be purchased independently of our Made-to-Measure Service. 

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Measuring for your Blinds:

Whilst stylistically blinds can seem simpler, the type of window you are dressing will determine the measurements required.

Blinds can sit within your recess, or some prefer for their blind to fit outside the window recess which would mean overlapping on all sides. The overlap at the bottom of the blind is very much your personal choice, however, we recommend that you are mindful of obstacles such as radiators, sills or furniture.

    We strongly recommend using our in-house expertise help with confirming measurements and styles.

    Use our Contact Us form to enquire, or pop over to Manor Barns (Shop Open 10am - 3pm on Fridays) for a warm welcome... let's get talking! We'll be delighted to show you lots of examples of our in-house made curtains, blinds and cushions around the farmhouse.

    With love, Christie x