Vanity Bag Kit (9.5 " x 5.5")

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Make your own zipped vanity bag in stunning Christie Lloyd fabrics. Sold with step-by-step sewing instructions, creating bespoke hand stitched bags is easier than you think, and gives a great sense of accomplishment.

With this kit both the front and back pieces are provided. One piece is patterned and the other is a complimentary plain fabric.

These bags can either be made using a sewing machine or they can be sewn by hand.

The kit includes: 

* Two pieces of fabric
* Natural toned zip measuring 9 inches long
* Step-by-Step Sewing Instructions

You will need the following items in addition to this:


*Tape Measure or Ruler

*Stitch Unpicker Tool

*Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread

*Sewing Scissors

This kit is perfect to buy for your own enjoyment or it can also be sent as a gift. Please detail the gift note to be added if you would like one.